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International Cooking

Alsatian Choucroute
Authentic German Cooking
French Brasserie Dinner
French Country Lunch
Greek Taverna Dinner
Italian Vegan
Mediterranean Vegetarian
Tapas Workshop
Thai Demonstration DInner

Alsatian Choucroute
Learn how to make one of the great classic winter dishes of all time. Each café throughout France offers up it’s own version. This one sticks to its classical roots. Sauerkraut braised in juniper scented Riesling with bacon and apples, two kinds of sausages, ham, pork belly, duck confit and potatoes.

Authentic German Cooking 
There is more to German cooking than throwing sausages in a pan. Participants in this class will learn the finer points in preparing some Teutonic classics.
We will be preparing:
Potato Pancakes with Homemade Apple Sauce
Braised Red Cabbage
Veal Schnitzel
Semolina Dumplings
Butter Cake
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French Brasserie Dinner
A brasserie is a hybrid cross between a café and a restaurant. With informal hours and
professional service, the French brasserie offers a style of cuisine that typifies the Parisian way of life. Participants at this dinner will dine on classic brasserie fare
The menu includes:
Onion Soup
Mussels Normandy
Beef Burgundy
Country Style Apple Cake
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French Country Lunch
With the weather warming up and people looking towards lighter dining, lunch becomes more prominent. Throughout the summer we will feature a series of Wednesday lunch classes to teach and inspire students to take that special meal of the week into the daylight. The menu for this class will be:
Frisee salad with baked goat cheese
Herb poached chicken with ratatouille
Lavender and honey ice cream
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Greek Taverna Dinner
If you go to Greece one of the highlights of the trip will be dining at a taverna on the traditional Greek rustic cooking of the Islands and countryside. This dinner will showcase some of the classics of Greek cuisine.
The menu will be:
Tzatziki with Pita
Greek Village Salad with Sheeps Milk Feta
Chicken Baked with potatoes and Herbs

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Italian Vegan
There is a wealth of vegetarian food throughout the Mediterranean and, due to the prevalence of olive oil, much of it is vegan friendly. In this class we will prepare an Umbrian lentil and fennel soup, handmade pasta with roasted eggplant and homemade vegan sausage and for dessert, chocolate panna cotta with berries.
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Mediterranean Vegetarian
This class will take you around the Mediterranean using traditional ingredients that are readily available to the American cook. This is a perfect class for those who would like to expand their repertoire of meatless cooking. We will start off with giant elephant beans from the Kastoria region of Greece simmered with tomatoes and cinnamon and served with baked sheep’s milk feta. We will hand roll Pici, a rustic spaghetti from the Siena region of Italy and pair it with braised domestic and wild mushrooms. For our dessert we will prepare Moroccan date rolls with orange salad.
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Tapas Workshop
Tapas were last years black but the concept is still pretty popular today because the culinary scene in Spain is about as hot as it gets. Much of what is being dished out in Spain these days seems über modern but, as with any old world cuisine, it is deeply rooted in tradition. We will prepare several different tapas starting with tomato bread with Manchego cheese, Spicey lamb meatballs with cucumber salad, cold melon soup with Serrano ham crisps, Catalan style beans and shrimp and bacon brochettes.
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Classic Thai
The problem with much of what is billed as Thai cooking in the United States is that it is prepared with factory farm meats and processed foods. As with most Chinese food served in America, Thai cuisine has strayed from authenticity to the land of “adapted for the American palate”.
This class will demonstrate how to prepare some standards of the Thai kitchen correctly.
The Menu for this dinner will be
Lemongrass Chicken Coconut Soup
Red Curried Fish Cakes with Cucumber Peanut Relish and Sweet Chili Sauce
Massaman Beef with Sticky Rice
Tapioca and Pandana Leaf Pudding.
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