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Gift Certificates

Ordering a gift certificate
Gift certificates for a single public class are $85.00 each and can be puchased as multiples, for instance, if you wanted a gift certificate for two persons to take a class, you would select 2x$85.00 on the amount options drop down bar. They can be applied towards any regularly scheduled public class or private cooking event. A gift certificate for a private classfor up to 4 persons costs $400.00. This means that the cost is a flat rate wheter you have 2, 3 or 4 persons attending. A private class for 5 or more persons is priced at $85.00 per person.

We use Paypal to process credit and debit cards on our website. You do not need a paypal account to purchase a gift certificate. When you click on the purchase button, after selecting an amount, you will be taken to a choose payment page. It will then ask you if you want to pay with a paypal account or, on the lower right hand side,"don't have a Paypal account' choose this if you just want to pay with a card.

You will receive a printable electronic gift certificate as a pdf file, via email. Please let us know if you prefer to receive a hard copy of the certificate via U.S. post or if you would like us to send it directly to the recipient using either their email or postal address.

Receiving a gift certificate
Gift certificates are not generated automatically when you place your order, but must be individually created. We try to send the certificates out on the same day when possible, next day when not.

Redeeming a gift certificate

To redeem the gift certificate, all that the holder needs to do is email us and book their class by using the redemption number that is on the gift certificate. Gift certificates that state "1 spot in a cooking class" or "2 spots in a cooking class" or however many spots are listed on the gift certificate, are for themed classes that are open to the general public, such as "French Bistro Cooking" or "Couples Date Night new Orleans" etc. New public classes are posted on the monthly calendars, on our website, and list how many spaces areavailable. Gift certificates that read "Good for a private couples class" are for a private class for just two of you, or ones that read "Good for a private class", for however many persons stated on the certificate, are good for just that. Open dates for private classes are listed as "Available for private class" on the calendar. Gift certificates cannot be returned for a refund but can be given or sold to another person.

Please make sure to read About Classes for our policies before booking.

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To purchase a gift certificate you can also email us or telephone if you prefer to pay by check.

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